Messebau Exponate Service für Sonderwerbeformen und Rennsport Boxen

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Messebau Exponate Service für Sonderwerbeformen und Rennsport Boxen

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Trade fair / events

Fahrzeugpodeste Exponate Service


Exponate Management System

Setting the perfect scene for products and exhibits – a real challenge! On the one hand, the specifications and plans from marketing and corporate identity must be adhered to. Just as relevant, or even more so, is the actual impact on the target group. However, it is the interplay of strategy, creativity and a strong instinct for the point of sale that makes all the difference. With our high level of expertise in the area of special construction and unique solutions, we are able to work with you to develop the most ambitious solution concepts for your exhibits. It makes no difference whether it is an in-house product presentation, a trade fair or a complex roadshow with trucks specially outfitted for the occasion – your exhibits will always be showcased professionally and with optimum effect! Using specially developed software, the exhibit management system, the planning, scheduling and handling of the exhibits can be coordinated perfectly.

By taking care of everything from logistics, construction and dismantling to implementation, planning and exhibit management (e. g. with individual software) we ensure that you, the customer, are completely, or at least partially, free to focus on your core competencies. In addition, we not only ensure that your exhibits are stored perfectly and ready for retrieval, we also take care of the inspection and repair of your equipment. With us as your partner, you can take a step back and concentrate on what you do best: your business!

Roadshow – showroom or big stage

Flexible for your customer on-site


Möbel / Equipment


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High-quality branding on wheels in detail

This is how you leave a lasting impression

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Exhibit management system

Planning at the highest level

  • Flexibility

    Plan and organize your event on your PC, tablet or mobile phone

  • Project Management:

    Store all necessary data at one point and make it accessible to all persons involved.

  • Resource control:

    Manage and plan your internal and external resources and keep them up to date at all times

  • Planability:

    Manage, plan and reserve your exhibits, furniture, etc.

  • Information control:

    Manage all necessary actions and inform all involved quickly and easily about changes.

  • Individuality:

    No matter which event, the system is individually adaptable to each event.

Are you planning an event (product presentation, customer event, trade fair, etc.)? Now you need to know which of your exhibits is available to be used. Just take a look at your EMS. After you enter the time period during which you to put on an event, it shows you exactly which exhibits are available to choose from for this time period. You just have to put the selected exhibits in the “shopping cart” and we take care of the rest. Logistics, transport, as well as set-up and take-down if required. After the event and return transport, we carefully check exhibits and get them ready for the next event. We take care of the necessary repairs as well as cleaning and maintenance.

Vehicle platforms

Put your brand in the right light

Maybe there are 134 LCD monitors, the matching wall systems, traverse beams with lighting equipment, branded exhibition modules, glass cases, etc., which are stored in different locations of your company. Or it could be a rollout or a roadshow or even a coordinated PR / advertising campaign in different locations all at the same time. No matter what your intentions are, with us you can make a professional plan and also commission the equipment. You always know exactly where and how much equipment is ready to be used, where it is located and if it is in a usable condition. You can design your campaigns centrally and at the same time have optimized logistical planning.

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Trade fair / events

The perfect setting for your brand!

In-house events from one source. From the idea / design phase to the concept and organization, production and execution, logistics and storage, we do everything for our customers!

It’s all about the perfect presentation for your brand and products at trade fair events, in-house exhibitions, conferences, sales meetings, presentations and other events.

That is not only true for new projects, but also for existing systems that we can handle and display to great effect for your planned campaigns. In all of these areas, our customers profit from our experience, our contacts and our expertise in motorsports!