Messebau Exponate Service für Sonderwerbeformen und Rennsport Boxen

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Messebau Exponate Service für Sonderwerbeformen und Rennsport Boxen
Messebau Exponate Service für Sonderwerbeformen und Rennsport Boxen

Customer: Audi AG / BMW

Location: Hockenheim, Lausitzring, Budapest, Norisring, Moscow Raceway, Zandvoort, Nürburgring, Spielberg

Full service for the DTM teams from BMW and Audi. Long before the season starts, there’s planning, designing, and testing.

  • That’s when all the special wishes and requirements of the teams are implemented.
  • A new feature is the construction of a viewing area. As part of this, the monitors that are normally integrated in the niche were moved to the upper section.
  • All six race boxes are branded with current designs.
  • The audience area of the viewing area is completely redesigned and shown off using large-scale images.

In April, the equipment leaves the storage areas and is loaded onto four semi-trailers for the season. Nonetheless, every racetrack is a new challenge, and that’s where we take advantage of our many years of experience. Within about two and a half days, six double boxes are set up on-site by our six-person team. And the racing teams can count on that! The viewing area was a new addition in 2017, which allows the fans to watch the mechanics working in the pit, separated only by a sheet of glass. This makes it a very special experience for selected guests and sponsors.

Our services in detail:

  • Laying an oil and slip-proof PVC floor.
  • Setup of a total of 108 pre-fabricated cabinet elements per team; 18 element including viewing area.
  • Installation of 12 overhead systems with connections to the air system; exhaust gas suction system directly at the car with specially adapted attachments.
  • Shelves for racing equipment; connections for screens.
  • Each of the six double boxes was supplied with high-voltage current, in the overhead system as well as in the cabinets.