Messebau Exponate Service für Sonderwerbeformen und Rennsport Boxen

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Messebau Exponate Service für Sonderwerbeformen und Rennsport Boxen
Messebau Exponate Service für Sonderwerbeformen und Rennsport Boxen

Customer: Porsche / Audi AG
Location: Monza / Italien, Silverstone / England, Spa / Belgien, LE Mans / Frankreich, Nürburgring / Germany, Mexico City / Mexico, Austin / USA, Fuji / Japan, Shanghai / China und das Finale in Bahrain

With the Porsche motorsports team at the most famous racetracks in the world!

All of these racetracks make motorsports fans’ hearts beat faster. No matter the international racetrack the WEC team arrives at, it all begins in a plain, empty garage.

Our task:

A stylish, high-gloss living room in white for the LMP1 racing car with all the technical functions imaginable. ML consistently completed the challenge with lots of know-how and experience at the same high level globally. The race box is fully equipped. Everything is adapted precisely to the needs and desires of the team. In this well thought-out box system, the mechanics, engineers and drivers can find everything that they need for their high performance jobs at their fingertips.

The white, minimalistic-technological design is not only attractive for the team; VIPs from all over the world also feel very comfortable here.
Our services in detail: Laying slip-proof and oil-proof PVC; setting up 18 cabinets; hanging the overhead system; connecting the air; installing and connecting the exhaust gas suction system; setting up shelves for racing equipment; setting up workspaces for up to 30 engineers (two monitors, intercom, UPS for each workspace).

When the race box is finished, the lounge is next. This is where the rooms for the team manager, the changing rooms, storage for material and marketing, as well as rooms for the physician and physiotherapist are set up. The walls are branded with highly effective large-area images of sponsors, vehicle information, driver information, etc.

After the team has parked the trucks in a perfect line, these are also covered with matching branded walls. Only when the customer is completely satisfied is it time for our team to finish their work. 6 ML team members accomplished this in 1.5 days! The biggest challenges are the overseas races. To be able to complete this logistical mammoth task with enough time, there are three separate, complete sets of equipment. They are each packed up into two 40-foot overseas shipping containers and coordinated for transport. The ML logistics and organization team takes care of all the associated requirements, including customs and freight papers, visas, flights, rental cars, etc.